I love to write…

It’s true, I am a content writer, in every way, because I love to create and shape great copy.

And find the best words with just the right rhythm – to keep’in tune’.with any audience.

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Rhythm is the answer to creating great copy

We’ve all seen that person at a party, haven’t we?


The music goes on and they try to ‘get with the rhythm’ but they make some strange shapes that are just out of synch. And you realise quite quickly, they really don’t feel it and whatever they do, they still miss the beat!

Getting great rhythm

It’s the same when you write and you want to get noticed, you need to get a good sense of timing and pace. The rhythm of your writing is as important as its content if you want to successfully get a message across.

Because, if what you say doesn’t ‘sound’ quite right to your audience, they just won’t continue to engage with your writing.blog typing girl

Read your copy aloud to yourself and you’ll hear it immediately – then edit out anything that doesn’t chime with your ‘sound’.

How do you do it?

Use short sentences when possible but don’t keep them too uniform, break up the metre to keep people engaged. Try a rule of around 16 to 24 words each when you can do, but don’t be too self conscious -just like when you dance!

Break loose!!

You also need to let yourself break loose a little

Maybe. A. Little. Key. Change.

– but try not to wander too far from your bassline. It’s the core of your writing, the underlying metre, you’ll hear it when you read the whole piece aloud.

You could also use breaks in the rhythm for impact, it depends on the tone that you want to convey. Perhaps you want the piece to build to a crescendo – or use staccato words or phrases for effect.

It’s really all about structure and timing and how to make a pattern from stressed and unstressed syllables.

Don’t forget to draw breath!

But do create enough breaks to let a reader ‘draw breath’ and take a quick pause at appropriate points. In the same way as music you sometimes need spaces, to make it flow well and catch people’s attention.

And like when you dance, its quite hard to describe it but you just know yourself – when you’ve hit the right beat!







If you don’t feel inspired, just start writing…

content writer1That really is some of the best advice I’ve ever been given – and it applies whatever form of writing you’re involved in.

Whether that’s blogging for fun, writing fiction or copy, we can all struggle to get off the starting block from time to time.

paperThe best way to deal with it is just to write something  – anything you can think of – and take it from there.

Of course, if it’s copy, you’ll have researched your topic and know the right targets and aims to achieve. But you can still get that blank feeling when you try to get started and put those precious first words on the page.

Why not try prompts, from a thesaurus or dictionary – you can find plenty online to help give you inspiration. Or create lists of words and ideas, without over-thinking them, it helps jog your memory and sparks different thoughts.

And then really just free write and see what appears, and in no time at all you’ll have made a great start!

Although this advice could sound quite straightforward, like most things in life,  and also in writing- you just need to be bold and take the first step.